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The Gig Economy

The gig economy is identified as a new source of economic growth. Anyone can be part of the gig economy and it’s gaining a lot of attention, thanks to digitisation. Plus, it has disrupted the conventional businesses on a global scale and opened up new avenues to generate income.

GigMalaysia is here to connect freelancers and business owners seamlessly across the nation. We empower our skilled talents to share the skills and expertise, and build their dream career, as well as achieving personal goals.

Benefit in GigMalaysia


From job searching to receive payment, we offer all-in-one service in just one platform

Flexible Hour

GigMalaysia allows you to work at your own schedule

Safety Assured

We prioritize the privacy and information safety & payment protection of our freelancers

Expand Your Network

GigMalaysia offers opportunity to grow your network across the nation

Career Growth

We turn your skills into income, we turn your dream career into reality

Gig Community

Join our community mission to reduce national unemployment rate

Tips of becoming successful freelancer

Personal Branding

Good branding makes any business memorable. Talented freelancers can benefit from being remembered, more than most.

Powerful Portfolio

Impress your client with your best portfolio, make them to imagine you are doing their projects.

Time Is Money

A successful business always starts from having a good plan. Schedule your available time wisely and make use of them to maximize your income.

Maintain Relationship

Treat your clients like your long-term business partners and work together to expand your business. 

Most in-demand skills now

Video Editing

Graphic Design

Social Media Marketing


Interior Design

Data Entry

App Development

Data Science

Web Development

SEO Marketing

Voice Over