Hire A Freelancer

Prevention of Security Vulnerability

At GigMalaysia, we strive to keep abreast with the latest trend and knowledge regarding cyber-security countermeasure in order to provide a safe platform for our freelancers to do their work without worrying about leakage of their personal information or any damage done to their reputation.

Beware of documents from unverified sources

Be mindful of documents or software that your clients request you to install, scan it using anti-virus or download it from an official source to ensure it does not provide access to your computer to third party. 

Be mindful of payment scams

When being paid directly, do not send anyone photos of your credit cards. Also do not disclose information such as expiration date or CVC/CVV code (three digits on the back of your card). That information is never necessary to get paid. 

Do not fall for Phishing

You never know who may be interested in gaining access to your accounts on GigMalaysia as that will also grant them access to the money you’ve earned using these services. If they access your account, that might also result in damage to the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. So watch out for misspelled sites and letters that urge you to re-login or send your credentials to someone for any reason.

Avoid the temptation of account sharing

Attempts to get you to share your freelance platform accounts are more common once you become successful and have a solid track record. You have to be diligent not to let appeal of extra earnings sway you away from common sense. Individuals that would request to share your account are likely targeting you for your financial information.