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Service Fee

GigMalaysia charge Freelancers a Service Fee for each payment their Client makes to the Freelancer on a Service Contract. Depending on certain features of the Service Contract, the Service Fees will be charged by fixed pricing. Where applicable, GigMalaysia may also collect taxes (SST or processing fee) on Service Fees. 

 We will charge our  freelancer a Service Fee of 20% based on their Final Project Fee collected from their Client (less any refunds or reversals). Example, if a Freelancer and a Client entered into a Service Contract for Final Project Fee of RM 1,500.00, the Service Fee will be calculated as follows:

Project Fee

Service Fee Rate

Service Fee

RM 1,500.00


RM 300.00


Total Service Fee


RM 300.00


Payment processing fees by client 

GigMalaysia charges Clients (employers)  a payment processing and administration fee of 3% on each payment made by the Client through GigMalaysia. (KIV)

If payments made by a Client are released to the Client Escrow Account for any reason or refunded by a Freelancer, the Payment Processing Fee will not be refunded.