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Why we do this

We are on a mission to improve the economic growth and reduce the unemployment rate in the nation. While the gig economy opens up opportunities for striving Malaysian youth and working adults, we believe that it will benefit the economics when it comes to scaling businesses and contributions to national development.

GigMalaysia is here to provide a digital platform for businesses and freelancers, to facilitate the gig transactions for both parties. We offer an alternative talent solutions for employers to reduce cost and maximize profits.

The Future Of Work - The Gig Economy

The Internet

Now, a person can find, apply for and get a job without ever being near the company they are working for. Moreover, a gig worker or freelancer can even get training, anywhere in the world, to specialize in just about any area of business they prefer. The internet has not only given us the power to find opportunities, but also the power to find and get training that is desirable for employers.

Higher Productivity

With the help of internet, employers can easily manage freelance works without meeting face-to-face. Thus they are more productive in working other tasks. On the other hand, freelancers who make up the gig economy, are more productive and efficient when they are working in short burst.


Employers are constantly feeling the pressure of increased competition. This causes employers to have to squeeze every penny they can to maximize profits. In doing so, it is easier and cheaper for a company to hire a freelancer to work remotely without having the added costs of hiring an employee. Freelancers don’t need office space, benefits, expense reimbursements or any of those other factors that employees require

Why hire freelancers at GigMalaysia


No upfront fee or hidden cost. You hire a freelancer anytime when you require

Time efficient

Traditional hiring process is time consuming, but you can hire at GigMalaysia within your fingertips

Easy Invoicing

Neither issuing invoice nor payroll, let us take care of these paperwork

Safety & Protection

We prioritize your privacy and information safety, and payment is always in our protection

Customer Support

Should you face difficulties or require further assistance, our team will be there for you

Expanding Network

GigMalaysia offers opportunity to grow your network across the nation to scale your business

In-demand skills available now


Graphic Design

Web Development

Data Entry

App Development

Data Science

SEO Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Video Editing

Interior Design

Voice Over